Economic Evaluation in Education

The 3rd Edition of “Economic Evaluation in Education” is now available for purchase from Sage publishing.



Article on Evaluating Digital Math Tools

A new article by CBCSE Associate Director Fiona Hollands and Post-Doctoral Researcher Yilin Pan on the costs and effects of two digital math tools has been published by Middle Grades Review.



New article on MOOCs

A new article by CBCSE Associate Director Fiona Hollands on the metamorphosis of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has been published by EdSurge.



New sharing feature added to CostOut

In response to user requests, we just upgraded our free online cost analysis tool, CostOut, to allow users to share and un-share projects with collaborators.



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The Critical Importance of Costs for Education Decisions

A new brief providing guidance to decision makers in schools, districts, state education departments, and intermediary organizations about ways that cost analyses can help inform their decisions about program choices, budgets, and strategies.



EdTech Decision-making in Higher Education

A new report from CBCSE Associate Director Fiona Hollands and CBCSE Research Assistant Maya Escueta on the decision-making inputs, processes, and practices around the acquisition of technology to facilitate teaching and learning at colleges and universities.



Feature on PISA Test

A new article from CBCSE Director Henry Levin on the 2015 PISA test is featured on the US News & World Report website.



Praise for MOOCs in Higher Education

MOOCs in Higher Education: Institutional Goals and Paths Forward, by CBCSE Associate Director Fiona Hollands and Devayani Tirthali, was just named by the American Library Association’s Choice magazine as an “Outstanding Academic Title” for 2016.

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Feature on Cost-Effectiveness in Education

A new article from CBCSE Director, Professor Henry M. Levin, is featured in Evidence at the Crossroads, a series by the William T. Grant Foundation.



Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Early Reading Programs

A new CBCSE report has been published by the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, Analysis of Early Reading Programs: A Demonstration With Recommendations for Future Research.



Is Competency-Based Education Worth the Investment?

Quotes from Studies

New York City spends $31.5 billion annually on children (Belfield & Garcia, 2011).
CENTER FOR BENEFIT-COST STUDIES OF EDUCATION is a research center located at Teachers College, Columbia University